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Membership Dues

For those who wish to become members of ALARA but do not plan on attending the biennial conference, annual membership dues are $125. This fee includes a one-year ALARA membership and a one-year subscription to the journal PALARA.

All forms of payment (checks and money orders) must be made out to ALARA and sent to:

  • Dr. Antonio D. Tillis
  • College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • University of Houston, Agnes Arnold Hall
  • 3553 Cullen Boulevard, Room 402
  • Houston, TX 77204-3000
  • Email:
Student Faculty


ALARA Membership is open to all those interested in African Diaspora Studies.

Membership Dues and Conference Registration Fees

The conference registration fee is US $350. The conference registration fee for Professors Emeriti is US $250. The confererence registration fee for Puerto Rican locals is $150 and for Puerto Rican locals only, a day pass is available for $50.

For those not attending the conference, the annual membership fee for one-year is US $125.

The Publication of the Afro-Latin/American Research Association (PALARA) is now open access and is located here:


Dr. Dorothy Mosby and Dr. William Luis